I tried to introduce this thing (this blog) here.

This blog has the alternative title, ‘Why Use One Word When You Can Use Ten?’.

E-mail: gubbinrygubbinry[at]gmail.com

(If you would like me to remove any of the images on here please get in touch and I would be happy to oblige)


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  • Cynthia Chapman says:

    Don’t know whether you’re still about . . . Found this blog when I was searching for a cover image for The Planetarium for my Library Thing list–so thanks for that: for some reason mid-century Calder covers have been difficult to find.

    And now I’ve bookmarked the blog. What I’ve browsed is v. interesting indeed (& even it weren’t I’d probably bookmark any page that had a video of Butor grappling w. an Ipad.

    • gubbinry says:

      Hullo Cynthia,

      Hugest thanks for reading and commenting and bookmarking – I’m still just about around: I think the blog’s on hiatus while I (a) deal with general blogging malaise (b) get over a huge PhD-shaped hill (c) work on writing fiction, but I have at the least an ever-growing collection of wonderful (and I agree under-represented online) Calder jackets to post, so watch this space.

      Keep up the nouveau roman love – I am still mesmerised by that Butor video too…


  • I was just about to post a similar question. Glad to see you are still around–hope to see more posts from you in the future.

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