Mario Dondero’s nouveau roman pictures

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A great video has recently popped up on YouTube courtesy of FranceInter, which has Mario Dondero talking about his famous, definitive pictures of theĀ nouveaux romancers, although the “the” there is never quite certain (cf. Sam Beckett, front and centre). Why no Butor in the major shot? Why no Duras anywhere? Did it help form the public perception of the group, who was in and who was out? Dondero tries to answer as best he can. A real treasure.



“An Exhaustive Five-Column Grid’

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A day late to the party I know, but the ever-excellent Melville House blog pointed me to this fascinating open letter from Joan Sellent to his translatee (I feel ordering it that way round puts things in their right places) Edward Albee. Any dialogue about translation is a good one, as it is too often wished away (and apparently now by people like Albee).

For me, it’s also interesting as a kind of jolting reminder to my Lit student sensibilities. I think Lit people have a tendency to wear heavy-lensed spectacles, where we see all of our subjects (writers, books, etc.) as all invested in the same kind of open-to-contexts/interpretations, super ambiguous, pleasure-of-the-text-y stuff that we’re into. And when we’re reminded that they’re not, that they might be into the dastardly logos and other things we thought we threw out…well, I guess it just redoubles our love of literary things, as always stubbornly other, as never pin-downable, as always one step ahead, as always off, slipping away round the corner. So I guess everyone goes home happy after all. Happy reading…

Barney Rosset

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A great tribute to Barnet Rosset over at Salon (or Imprint-via-Salon). The scans from the Evergreen are an especial treat…

Hoop-jumping, numerical coincidences, horse riding metaphors

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Having just successfully negotiated my way through the first mandatory hoop-jump of my academic career (I am now a real, not a probationary PhD student, woot), and given that it is exactly a numerical month since I last posted, I thought I’d get back in the saddle by posting another sixties book-cover.

It took a while for John Calder to publish Alain Robbe-Grillet’s first novelĀ Les Gommes in translation, but in 1966, he (and Marion Boyars) finally did:

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