Gabriel Josipovici, The Inventory

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“I used to come here after school, you cant understand the feeling of peace, of calm, to be here, with them, with Oscar in this room, the fire cracking and no-one saying anything or expecting you to say anything sometimes I would look up into that mirror, there, over the fireplace, that round convex mirror, and see us all reflected in it, smaller and slightly distorted, Oscar there on the carpet and the two of them on either side of the fire, and me here on the green sofa with the broken arm, and when I looked up it seemed to me it’s silly but it really seemed to me that time had just stopped or been abolished or slipped round the walls of the house, and this was paradise, some sort of paradise, just the three of us and Oscar and the silence except for the fire and Oscar’s snores and -”

                      Gabriel Josipovici, The Inventory (1968)


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I think there is probably a thesis, or at least an article, to be written about the way that a favourite place for old Anglophone beefs about continental philosophy to play out is – deeply inappropriately in my view – the obituaries of figures who were involved in that world. I remember obituaries of Derrida and Baudrillard as examples that particularly stick in the mind as out-and-out hatchet jobs.

I’m not going to do it the favour of linking to it here, but there’s a classic piece, if not of hatchet-jobbery, then at least of conservative sneery-sneeriness in a British-broadsheet-paper-that-sounds-a-little-like-“The Bailey Hell-o-graph” to mark the death of Christine Brooke-Rose.

The piece got up my nose, readers, it got up my nose. Think about me reading it so you don’t have to, if you like…

Michel Butor meets the iPad…

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Though I’m a little wary/sceptical about the tablets and e-readers and the like (or I’m a Luddite – only time will tell…), this video of Michel Butor playing with an iPad melted my icy heart. I guess it’s also a pretty appropriate/symbolic thing to see someone who has done so much to investigate the material support that is the book to be shown looking at something that could potentially (for better or worse) revolutionise that support…. Anyway, great, cute video. Enjoy!

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