Butor in Mexico

April 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve got Michel Butor on the brain at the moment as I’m writing a conference paper about his impact in Britain in the 1960s. So I was excited to see that he has an exhibition on at the Museo Universitario Arte Comtemporaneo in Mexico. Not that I’m going to be able to make it, but its great to see Butor doing the rounds lately (he was in New York of late).

So in celebration of that, here’s the excellent front cover of the 1965 Calder Jupiter Books paperback of Jean Stewart’s translation of L’Emploi du temps . The pipe, readers, the pipe!


…and some more Brooke-Rose

April 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

(Although I don’t want this blog just to become an internet memorial, as I’m a big fan, I’m posting these because it’s great to see  what Brooke-Rose meant to different people.)

Full Stop has a great piece on Brooke-Rose that – like Waggish – gives her her dues as a critic, pointing out in particular how ace her ZBC of Ezra Pound is (“avoids the usual heavy-handed oneupmanship of most Pound scholarship” = perfect).

And the Ransom Centre has a little obit on her, with a lovely scan of a page of one of her manuscripts, as well as some great comments from Karen R. Lawrence, who wrote the most recently-published monograph on Brooke-Rose.

A bit more Brooke-Rose

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Good to see a thorough obit over at the NY Times

…and the ever-insightful and far-sighted Waggish has a nice slice of some of her thrilling critical comments (a brilliant earlier Waggish piece on Xorandor is worth revisiting now too)…

…and, finally, fittingly, Brooke-Rose’s publisher, Carcanet, has an obituary that ends with Michael Freeman’s touching poem to her.

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