Jealousy at the Print Room

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nouveau Roman news!

The London dance venue The Print Room is currently showing a brand-new collaboratively-choreographed adaptation of Robbe-Grillet’s La Jalousie. If I can shake this flu I’ve got, I’m totally going.

It’s exciting, because now I think about it, Robbe-Grillet is especially balletic, and La Jalousie especially so – all about watching from fixed positions as bodies move about in space, suggesting meanings but always, simultaneously, withdrawing them too. I think Robbe-Grillet struck a chord (or a blow) with a lot of artistic media (I remember stumbling across this progamme from the Serpentine gallery from 2006 and ruing that I wasn’t a Robbe-Grillet fan at that point). At the moment I’m looking at Harrison Birtwistle’s setting of La Plage (from Instantanés) and thinking things like, Can a bit of music (or a dance piece, or a… etc. etc.) be seen as a “reading” of a piece of literature alongside other more definably literary readings? Or does it/they exist separately? 

I wonder what kind of a Robbe-Grillet they’ve picked up on at The Print Room? Readers, go see it! (It looks good)


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