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My name is Adam, and I’m about to start a PhD in English Literature, and I guess this is a good indication to some extent of what the gravitational centre of this blog should be. I’ve begun it as a place to begin thinking, if I can.

I’m interested in the novel in the 1960s in Britain. (That’s what my thesis is about.) More specifically I’m interested in the novel in the 1960s in Britain as it looks for a place in relation to two things: (one) the French novel, and especially the nouveau roman; and (two) academic approaches to literature, lit. crit., academe, university lit. departments, and so on. I also especially like the spaces or the moments where these two overlap.

I’m also interested in the idea of the book (and books themselves). More specifically I’m interested in the book today, the book in the face of environmental disaster (on one side facing, horrified, scores of forests destroyed, ecosystems wrecked, and on another, facing, horrified, but perhaps resolute, millions of the outdated electronic readers/tablet type things to-come piling up in landfill) and its own ever-predicted disaster too. I’m interested in the book as material object, theories of the book, theories of the materiality of the book.

Then there’s Theory. I’m interested in Literary Theory, it’s history and archive over the past fifty years or so. And then the challenge of Theory today, of what can be used as/for Theory when circling around literature, and of what is still (if anything) calling itself Literary Theory today.

And finally – and this is the extraurricular hobbyist’s bottom of the list, and what I hope will be the source of lots writing of dubious worth – I’m interested, and hoping to be more interested in, music. Any music, its theory and practice. This is resolutely not an mp3 blog, or a “recommends” blog, as I’m not switched-on, and I’m too slow for all that. But I hope to think out loud a bit about music here.

I’m hoping that this is all going to be pretty informal, preliminary, sketchy. I hope to be opinionated, and wrong, and I hope that one day people might read this and tell me so, so that I can learn something.

I’m hoping even that this little attempt at an intro/manifesto will need revising as I go along, as I find what Gubbinry is for.

I’m also going to make a big ol’ effort to break up the words with some pictures, lots of nice interesting, found pictures that aren’t easily findable on the web. And other things too, maybe. I’m interested in this being a place to collect things, whether they’re my thoughts, or things found in books or in the world.

So, as a point of departure, I hope this okay.



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